Hiking / Trekking around Kathmandu

Hiking around Kathmandu offers you an opportunity to see fantastic mountain views and explore Nepalese countryside without going too far and without climbing high. Besides, you do not have to lose the comfort of the city while doing these hikes.

Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by green hills all around . These hills are covered with terraced farms, picturesque villages and lush green forests. Despite being near Kathmandu these villages are still not affected by modernity and offer a chance to see traditional village life. You can see temples, monasteries and Stupas along the trails . You can see farmers working in the fields and pilgrims praying in the monasteries

These Kathmandu hikes are for every age group and for all seasons. If you want to have a taste of trekking in Nepal but do not have time to go all the way up to the remote mountains, these hikes are for you.

A trek to the hill top of Champadevi on the southern rim of the valley makes an enjoyable trip.The hill overshadows the historic settlement of Kirtipur, one of the centres of Newari culture. Kirtipur has a long history; it contains many places of interest with also some spectacular views of the Kathmandu valley.

There are several different routes to reach the summit of Champedevi hill which stands at 2278 metres.The main trail up the hill will be clearly seen from Kirtipur. The climb should take about 3hours allowing frequent stops to admire the expansive views. The top is marked by a small Buddhist stupa and makes a perfect lunch spot, take your own drinks and food.

Nagarkot to Changunarayan:-
The resort village of Nagarkot is a favourite destination for many visitors to Nepal. There are some excellent views of the mountains from the ridge top and many attractive hotels and guest houses for overnight stays. From Nagarkot a number of trails return back to Kathmandu, probably the easiest and the best known is the route to Changunarayan, an ancient temple site close to Bhaktapur. Local tea stalls offering refreshments are found on the way, It is around a three hour trek from Nagarkot. If you are not returning to Nagarkot you can take a local bus to Bhaktapur from here either a taxi or a local bus back to Kathmandu.

Godavari to Phulchowki:-
Pulchowki at 2762 metres is the highest point on the hills that surround the Kathmandu valley, it makes for a fine day hike.The trail starts form Godavari, the national botanical garden and trails up through the wooded slopes of Phulchowki, well known for the large variety of birds and butterflies that inhabit the immediate area, no food and drink facilities on route so make sure you are well prepared. On reaching the top another bonus is the splendid views of the Nepal Himal.

Shivapuri is a protected zone situated on the northern rim of the Kathmandu valley, the streams that emanate from here provide fresh drinking water for a major portion of the valley 's inhabitants. At 2,732 metres there is a spectacular view of the Kathmandu valley. Much of the trek is through undisturbed thick oak forest, If you are lucky you may come across spotted deer, monkeys and jackals on the trail.

The hill at Nagarjun overlooks the famous Stupa of Swyambhuntah, known to many as monkey temple. The hilltop temple is thought to be the meditation place of the Buddhist Sage Nagarjun who visited the area while the Kathmandu valley was still a huge lake, there are a number of meditation caves still to be seen on the hillside. The trail starts about one kilometer from Balaju on the road to Trisuli. Prepare to spend five to six hours walking, take your own lunch and drinks.

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