Bhutan Travel Information

COST TO TRAVEL TO BHUTAN: The minimum daily tariff is set by the government of Bhutan and can not be negotiated. These rates can be higher, depending on the nature of services. The rate is the same for all tours, cultural tours, festival tours, birdwatching and trekkking. Your tour operator will take care all of the arrangement for visas, Druk Air reservation, hotel booking, and obtaning permits to visit restricted places.

THE MANDATED COST: High Season Tariff US$250 per person per night. Low Season Tariff US$200 per person per night. Surchage: Individual travellers: US$40 per night. Groups of 2 persons: US$30 per person per night. Groups of 3 persons or more: no surcharge. July and August are low season

VISA, PASSPORT AND VISA FEE: A visa is stamped in the passport at Paro Airport ( or entry port) during the immigration process. A visa cost US$40 and Visas are approved and issued prior to entry, with the pre-payment of travel itinerary. The visitors are required valid passport and visa to enter Bhutan, except for Indian nationals. Travelers to Bhutan must have a visa approved prior to arriving in the kingdom of Bhutan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu issues visa to all foreign travelers.

RATE UNDERCUTTING PROHIBITED: The Bhutan government grants a tourist visa after it receives the full tour payment from the tourist. If a tour operator offers a tour at a reduced daily rate (that is, it undercuts the tariff/rate), the Bhutan government will not approve the tourist visa. Make sure you choose the right tour operator when you travel to Bhutan. Currently, there are more than 300 tour operators in Bhutan. You want a tour operator with experience, integrity, and quality!

Places to See in Bhutan

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Festivals in Bhutan

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Religions in Bhutan

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Tourist Season of Bhutan

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Bhutan Visa & Permits

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Bhutan General Information

Not much is identified with Bhutan’s history before the 7th century, which is when Buddhism was…

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