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Registered to Nepal government and established in Thamel, Kathmandu – Nepal, NEC travels and tours is one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal tourism providing clients the best service for their travel needs in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim/Darjeeling. Having experienced for more than 20 years by travelling through the tourist hubs of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkimg/Darjeeling, NEC travel professionals are experts in Nepal tourism, have the best affiliations with airlines/ Hotels/ resorts/ associations; something you will need the most while travelling in Nepal. Be your travel requirement tour inside the historical monuments of Nepal, enjoy the natural resources with their incredible beauties, trek high in the steep hills of Nepal exploring the beauties of the villages, relax in a convenient hotel in cities or in tea houses in trekking routes, need an experienced guide to know more about the places, require a cosy travel vehicle for the comfort of your journey, want to be kissed by the wilderness of Rivers from the mountains or any other travel and tourism desires in abovementioned countries, NEC travels and tours is your choice for the best of your holiday. Drop us an email, ring our given no.’s, visit our office located conveniently near Thamel or meet any of our office representatives in Nepal and abroad; we will be right with you for your travel need.

Here, we have kept many tour itineraries and information of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim/Darjeeling. If you are interested in any kind of tours from this website, we would be happy to assist you for your travel needs and information as per your budget and interests. We are here at your assistance 24x7 and 365days. Please write to janaki@nectravels.com as you need right now !!

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Raksha Nepal (RN) is an NGO established in 2004

Raksha Nepal is a humanitarian organization, which has been working for the sexually exploited girls, women and their children since its establishment in 2004.Its main target is to protect those women and young girls working in the so-called informal entertainment sectors (massage parlors, dance bars and cabin restaurants) from trafficking and sexual violence by enhancing their knowledge, awareness and socio-economic status. Similarly, in the mission of making girls and ...[ Read More ]