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NEC Travel and Tours is an established travel company in Kathmandu Nepal since 1990. We would like to extend a hearty welcome to you by rendering our services to help you in your travel holidays  arrangements  to the regions of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India.

We offer Tours, Trekking, Climbing, Expeditions, Jungle Safari, Rafting, Hotel booking, flight booking and other travel services. We provide our services for both  Travel Agents/Tour operators as well as independent travellers.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have long established contacts with tour and travel agents throughout the globe, particularly a lot of our business coming from Poland,United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Netherland, Australia, United States of America and more .

Our motto is to provide a reliable service to all agents who book group packages with us and all individual travelers who book free & and easy packages with us. Since we have established tourism in this region that has grown considerably, we have been keeping the pace in accordance with the demand of the modern world. Despite the worldwide poor state of tourism, NEC Travel’s business has actually grown considerably.

As a Travel  agent or a local tour operator in Kathmandu Nepal, we are well aware that you need to feel your clients are in safe hands because the way your group is handled is more likely to reflect on you than it is on us. I assure you that we pay a lot of attention to details. We are also very flexible and responsive to any changes in itineraries, dates etc.

We have designed the website in a way which should make it easy for you to gather information and ideas for tours to Nepal, Tibet Bhutan & India. It is probably the only comprehensive detailed website for travel and tour agents or individual travellers in this region. However, if you have any queries or do not know how to find a suitable tour package and itinerary which suits your clients wishes and yours, please contact us at info@nectravels.com for detailed information, we are sure we can be of assistance.

As individual Travellers, or  family travelers wish to stay with Nepali families in Kathmandu, or Outside Kathmandu , feel free to contact us.

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