Bhutan Tour

As soon as you enter Bhutan, you will see its unique cultural wealth. The country’s rich cultural heritage has remained remarkably unblemished. The colorful and vibrant living culture co-exists with a rich biodiversity in an unpolluted habitat. Those who have had the rare chance to come to this wonderful kingdom will agree that this is truly an exclusive place with a truly indigenous experience to offer. One can experience the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture through the visits to the impressive dzongs and monasteries, sacred festivals & pilgrimage sites, excursions to remote Bhutanese villages and close interaction with the Bhutanese people.

Not everyone has the luck to take a Bhutan tour, due to government 's annual restriction on visitor numbers. However this never impacted the Himalayan Kingdom being the dreamland to global travelers for its untouched scenery, deep-rooted belief in Buddhism, and the purest happiness from a carefully-preserved traditional lifestyle. Being qualified travel agency, Life 's Himalayan adventure operates a variety of guided Bhutan tours offering full access to all that Bhutan has to offer, from the cliff-perched Tiger's Nest Monastery in Paro, ancient Dzongs & rich Buddhist culture in Thimphu to the awe-inspiring Himalaya views and serene palaces and monasteries of Punakha. Are you ready to join us to unveil the mark of this mysterious land?

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