Tourist season in Nepal

Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring Summer (Mar-May), Monsoon (Jun-Aug), Autumn (Sep-Nov)

Winter (Dec-Feb)
Most frequented treks are available during the winter season which is known for its crisp weather and clear skies with mountain views often at their best at this time if year. If you are trekking over 2500m it is necessary to be well prepared as nights can be extremely cold.

Spring / summer (Mar-May)
This season is also a very popular season, the weather is clear and warm with flora and fauna at its best. Rhodendron forests are bursting into bloom with most treks up to 3000 mtrs very comfortable.

Mosoon (Jun-Aug):
The rains arrive from mid June and continue to late August early September, this is not a suitable time for trekking although trekking is available in the rain shadow. It is possible to trek in the Upper Mustang region and Dolpo and a small part of Lower Mustang, in other regions of Nepal, mountain views are rare . This season is a very busy time in the fields with vegetation at its most verdant.

Autumn (Sept-November)
Autumn is the major trekking season in Nepal, views are very clear and the weather in general very reliable. Most treks are warm during the day when the sun is out which is common, nights are cooler when you will need adequate warmth (see equipment list below) especially as the season develops. The early part of the season provides some wonderful opportunities to experience the gathering of the rice harvest, it is also a good time for spotting migratory bird