Seti River Rafting

Seti river rafting

Warm and beautiful (2 days) :

Season Grading Water Volume
September - December 3+ Approx.50 cumecs
January – May 3+ Approx. 20 cumecs
June - August 4+ Approx 100 cumecs

Location, Transportation and Timetable
Damauli, the put-in point for the Seti River is 5 hours from Kathmandu by tourist bus. The 35 km river action takes 2 days. The take-out point at Gaighat is approximately 4 - 5 hours from both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

The warm and beautiful Seti River passes through stunning jungle scenery, green hills and valleys. It is an excellent river for bird-watchers and those interested in the abundance of nature found on this trip.

This normally gentle river has plenty of small and straightforward rapids. During the monsoon months the intensity of the rapids increases and attracts a radically different set of rafters.

The Seti is an ideal trip for those wanting to experience some of the stunning river scenery in Nepal without the intensity of complex or challenging rapids. It is also very well suited to family trips and best river to learn kayaking in Nepal.