Your Questions - Our answers

Where can I get the Tourist Visa?

 You can get the tourist visa upon arrival in Kathmandu international Airport or any immigration offices of following towns.1. Jhapa-Kakarvitta 2. Parsa-Birganj 3. Bhairahawa-Belahia  4. Jamunaha-Nepalgunj  5. Mohana-Dhangadhi    6. Gaddachauki – Mahendranagar7. Kodari- SindhupalchokPlease note that people of these countries do not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal: 1. Nigeria
2. Ghana
3. Zimbabwe
4. Swaziland
5. Cameroon
6. Somalia
7. Liberia
8. Ethiopia
9. Iraq
10. Palestine
11. Afghanistan

Will someone come to pick me up at the airport?

Yes, please give us your detailed arrival time including the flight with its number and origin, our office representatives will reach the airport on time with your name card.

I am a senior citizen – can I rest & relax in Nepal?

Oh! Of course we do not have ocean – but we have beautiful hills – valleys – nice people always smiling – Lake - & Mountains above 8000 mtrs. You can relax like other country.  Is there any communication facility during the trekking & sightseeing? Yes there are many places in trekking where you can get email & internet facilities. WIFI facilities are also available in many places.

Electricity - if there is availability to charge batteries to cameras during trekking part?

In many of trekking route tourists can charge batteries of Camera and Mobile Phone. For Example: Annapurna – Everest – Langtang.

Towels - do I need to take my own towels?

It’s always a nice idea to take your own towels while trekking – in tea houses.  

How we should understand name of accommodation "tea house"?

Great question!! Tea houses means accommodation in hilly region which are not as good in facility as the hotels in bigger cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. You should expect a minimum facility of accommodation, electricity may or maynot be available depending upon the places while the restaurant being smaller in comparison to the restaurants in bigger hotels. "Tea house" means cooking, eating, heating, sitting, singing, dancing,, thinking ,drinking, talking, cleaning , looking, sleeping in the small guest house and in dinning room -next day trekking .

Is there a possibility to buy oxygen bottle in Ktm or Pokhara?

It is possible to by here. Let us know if there is requirement and our officers will assist you, or please have a look around in Thamel in Kathmandu – Lakeside in Pokhara.

How long tourists will trek during a day?

Tourist should walk as they can walk, but they must walk 7 hours a day. Please consider walking as per your convenience.

Is there any Tourist Bus in Nepal?

Yes, there are. There is day and night tourist  bus service everyday east to west Nepal ---- Pokhara – Chitwan – Jhapa—Parsa—Bhairahawa – Lumbini-  Nepalgunj—Dhangadhi—Mahandranagar & Kodari.

What are the opening times of shops in Nepal?

Shops usually open Sunday  to Saturday, from 0900-1730/ 1800hrs. In popular areas, many shops stay open until later in the evening during the summer and in towns there are late night shops until 1900/ 2000hrs on evenings throughout the year. Check details with your local Tourist Information Center.

What bank notes can I use in Nepal?

There is Nepali currency available in purchasing things in Nepal. You can exchange your currency upon arrival at major immigration points including the Kathmandu International Airport.

Where can I change currency?

All banks & money exchange counters usually give the best exchange rate for foreign currency. Many banks offer this service. They usually open Sunday to Friday between 0900 -1600/ 1700hrs (some open until later on, It is also possible to change money, in airports.

Can I use my credit card in Nepal?

Main stores, hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu – Pokhara – Chitwan and also other touristic destinations accept visa and master cards.

How much do I tip in Nepal?

There are no definite rules for tipping. If you feel that you have received good service then you may wish to leave a tip. This is most common in restaurants, where the tip can be up to 10% of the bill, but you should check to see if a service charge has already been included.

What happens if I become ill on holiday?

There are many emergency treatments at hospitals. In each hospital, there are accident and emergency departments.

When do restaurants and pubs open and close?

Restaurants (including those in hotels) in towns usually open from morning to evening for breakfast - lunch and dinner, but in the countryside they are likely to close earlier. Many restaurants/bistros/cafes and pubs are open all day in cities and larger towns.

What should I pay in a restaurant or pub?

The price of food and drink varies considerably. As a general guideline, eating out in a pub at lunch time will cost from around USD 5.00 and above. In a restaurant it is usually more expensive, but you can get business lunches, with a restricted menu, at a very reasonable cost, there are many restaurant guides available to help you make your choice, but you can also ask the Tourist Information Centre or someone at your accommodation may be able to advise you - local recommendation is best. Pubs are generally cheaper than hotel lounges for alcoholic drinks. A bottle of beer cost you up to 5 USD in restaurants.