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A Short History of Nepal

Besides sharing its geographical borders with India and China, Nepal also shares history with its two giant neighbors. It was influenced to a large extent by the same incidents that proved to be turning points in the history of India and China.

An interim government was sworn in on April 19, 1990. It was headed by Krishna Prasad Bhattarai as prime minister, who presided over a cabinet made up of members of the Nepali Congress Party, the Communist Party of Nepal, royal appointees and independents. The new government drafted and promulgated a new constitution in November 1990, which enshrined fundamental human rights and established Nepal as a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch. International observers characterized the May 1991 elections as free and fair elections, in which the Nepali Congress won 110 seats out of 205 to form the government. The largest opposition, the United Marxist and Leninist Party (UML), won 69 seats. Girija Prasad Koirala became prime minister and formed the government. In May-June 1992 the structure of Nepal’s new democratic government was completed following local elections in which the Nepali Congress Party scored a convincing victory

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